Alpaca City Guide

Alpaca City Guide

Getting Started 📃

Alpaca City 1.0
Smart Contract Addresses
Set up your MetaMask wallet
Connect your wallet on Ethereum
Using Binance Smart Chain

How to Play 🤹🏻

Transfer ALPA between Ethereum and BSC
Adopt an Alpaca NFT
Farm with Uniswap LP
Breed Alpaca NFTs
Play with WOOL
Buy & Sell on OpenSea

Control Panel

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Template page
Template page

Aether Tools
Aether Tools

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Hidden Pages

Welcome to Alpaca City Overview

A miracle city where DeFi meets Alpaca NFTs.

💡 Introduction

Alpaca City is a virtual world built on Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain where users can manage their on-chain assets through collecting and breeding adorable Alpacas. Every Alpaca has varies genetic traits which not only make it unique, but also signifies its ability to generate yields.

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