Adopt an Alpaca NFT

How to Adopt an Alpaca NFT

  • Go to http://alpaca.city and connect your MetaMask wallet.
  • Click "Adopt". In this page you can see how many Alpaca eggs are left in the public sale and the most number of Alpacas you can buy.
  • Enter the number of Alpacas you want to buy and click "Adopt".
  • A MetaMask pop-up window will appear. Follow the steps and pay the price for the Alpacas you bought and the gas fee.
  • In several minutes, the Alpaca eggs you just bought will appear in the "Alpacas" page.
  • Every new eggs requires 5 minutes' wait before it is ready to hatch.
  • Click "Hatch" and, after you pay the gas fee, your fresh Alpaca will appear in the "Alpacas" page.

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