Alpaca City 2.0 โ€” Alpacavoid

AlpacaVoid is a 2D Web3 game.



Whatโ€™s the concept of time? Alpacas got their own time.

Alpaca City have been introduced for months, but its origin is still a myth. Legend has it that Alpacas were born at the very start of the Big Bang, and the City, accompanied by the emergence of the concept of time, came to existence; Alpacas came, they saw, they conquered. They are creatures wandering in four dimensions. They build the civilization in different parallel time and space, and extract an energy substance called $APV from the passage of time. They are sometimes greedy and violent, plundering their own kind for food and energy sources...

Yes. Everything youโ€™ve heard about them, is true.

What we have seen so far about Alpaca City is nothing but mere delusion created by the lag of the travel of light, and today Alpacas finally decide to show us the full display of every time frame, as well as the true color of Alpaca City.

Describe it as โ€œout-of-this-worldโ€ if you want, since there is no more accurate ways to put this. Alpaca City is a space wonderland for adventurers, a miracle land consisting of numerous weirdly square-shaped planes but with the size of an asteroid in the void. Itโ€™s never a goody-two-shoe place, nor are the Alpacas that lives there. Various signs show that this creature has advanced to a higher level of civilization and technology. Some Alpacas are working in the fields, diligently, while some are fully armored, sneaking in the shadow...


AlpacaVoid is a 2D web browser game which is built by this technology stack:

Game Client
1. Cocos 2. Vue, Web3.js
Game Server
1. BSC 2. Solidity

Game Features


As an ERC721 standard NFT, the Land NFT will grant you the access to the game. There are five different levels of rarity for Land NFT: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. In addition, land has several topics: Day, Night, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Rare Lands will have higher yields and higher quality themes.


Players can search for other players' ERC20 addresses in the game and make a request to add them as friends. After becoming friends, both can visit each other's farms in the friend list, and launch a hunting between friends without paying a fee. In order to prevent friendships from breaking up, the rewards for successfully hunting friends will be lower. Alpaca NFT

$APV Token

An in-game ERC-20 token. Players can earn $APV by planting, or by hunting other players. In-game users will consume $APV for warping Land to other universes, deploying alpacas, or starting a hunting.


Deploy a Land into the game to start a planting. Players can harvest $APV by planting. The number of APVs generated from each block in each universe is fixed, and every Land gets his own share decided by soil quality of the total rewards. See the Tokenomics section for details.


Each harvest will cause the soil quality to attenuate. Players can restore the soil quality by Land resting. After every 1200 blocks, 10% of the soil quality will be restored. Players can also choose to pay a certain amount of ALPA to complete the resting immediately. Every 1 ALPA saves 200 blocks.

Alpaca NFT

The core NFT of Alpaca City 1.0, ERC1155 standard. Likewise, players need to deposit their own Alpaca NFT into the game smart contract before they can function in the game. Players can deploy alpacas to a defend squad and an attack squad, respectively.

  1. Defend squad: Each Land is equipped with an exclusive defend squad, where players can deploy alpacas to defend the Land from being hunted
  2. Attack squad: Each player has only one attack squad in the game, deploy and adjust attack squad to increase your hunting success rate.


A. $ALPA Token

ALPA is the governance token of AlpacaVoid with new burning mechanisms:

  1. 80% of In-game Land purchase (another 20% to treasury)
  2. 100% of fee to skip Land resting
  3. 100% of fee to skip warping time

B. $APV Token

  1. $APV is the utility token which has an unlimited supply.
  2. It will produce a fixed amount of $APV when one block is processed on-chain.

rewardsPerBlock=timeFlowโˆ—soilQualityShareโˆ—soilQualityโˆ—harvestAttenuationโˆ—totalRewardsPerBlockrewardsPerBlock = timeFlow * soilQualityShare * soilQuality * harvestAttenuation * totalRewardsPerBlock

a fixed multiplier, initialized when the parallel universe opened.
contained in Land NFT metadata
Every time a harvest is done, the land soil quality will have a 5% reduction.The max reduction is 90%.
amount of $APV will be produced when one block is processed

soilQualityShare=soilQuality/totalSoilQualitysoilQualityShare = soilQuality/totalSoilQuality

sum of all planting Land soil quality in current universe
  1. $APV has several burning mechanisms:
    1. 100% of fee to deploy an Alpaca
    2. 100% of fee to initiate a hunting
    3. 10% of fee to warp Land or Alpaca

Parallel Universe

The amount of $APV token generated from each block varies according to the time flow rate of each parallel universe. Players can transfer their lands to a different universe for a higher planting yield, or move alpaca attack squad to hunt players in other universes. All universe will automatically open and close, except for the main universe in the login site. When the burned $APV in the system accumulates to 500k, it will automatically open a new universe (with different time flow rate and land carrying capacity). If too many lands warp into a universe simultaneously, and the total soil quality of planting land beyonds the limitation that the universe can carry, then it will be collapsed (closed). In a closed universe, players will no longer be able to obtain planting rewards.

(Note: The number of blocks mentioned in this article is based on the BSC network, and the game is still under development, the number are not final version).


Players can transfer the land and alpaca between parallel universes. Each warp requires $APV and lasts for a period of time (ranging from ten minutes to several hours). Player can choose to pay $ALPA to complete the warping instantly. The land and alpaca in the state of warping will not be able to operate, and will not generate planting reward, and will also not be hunted.


* The alpaca City team will be updating the rest of white paper soon, stay tuned.

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