Buy & Sell on OpenSea

Connect MetaMask to OpenSeas

Once you’ve got your wallet set up, it’s time to hook it up to OpenSea. Click here to navigate to your account page. At the top, you’ll see a notification indicating your wallet is not yet connected. No sweat, that’s expected behavior.


Click the green “Unlock your wallet” button to trigger a wallet popup, then use your wallet’s user interface to unlock your wallet. It’ll likely be a button that says something like “Unlock Wallet,” “Unlock,” or “Connect.” You might have to enter your password and accept some terms and conditions, too. Once you’ve got your wallet unlocked, you’ll be able to see your assets (if you already own some) in your wallet on your OpenSea account page. You’ll also be able to change your OpenSea account settings on the account settings page.   Now that your wallet and OpenSea are playing nicely together, you’ll need to get some ETH to pay for gas and items.

How to find Alpacas?

Go to https://opensea.io/collection/alpacacity If you want to find Alpacas to buy, it’s your first stop. When you arrive, you’ll see something like this:


If you know the name of the item you’re searching for, type it into the white search bar with the placeholder “Search all items and bundles” and press enter. If not, read on to learn about our sorting and filtering options. They’ll help you discover the kinds of things you’re looking for and might even show you a few irresistible surprises along the way.

How to buy Alpacas?

After you find your Alpaca, go to the item page.


OpenSea allows sellers to create a few different types of listings: fixed price listings, and auction listings. For now, all you really need to know is that both of these types of listings can be fulfilled immediately. Just click the “Buy now” button and follow the prompts from your wallet provider.


If it’s your first purchase, you might be asked to do some initialization transactions. But when you see a highlighted window that says “Completing the trade…” on OpenSea and a wallet popup, you’re in the home stretch. Click “Confirm” to commit to the purchase. When the transaction is confirmed, you’ll be the proud new owner of an NFT. If, for some reason, the transaction fails, you don’t lose the purchase price. Either the whole deal happens or none if it does. But don’t worry, they almost always succeed.

How to sell Alpacas?

OpenSea allows you to create a few different types of listings: English auction, Dutch auction, Fixed Price.  Whichever type of listing you want to create, the process starts out the same. Go to your account page and click on the item you want to sell. Then, click the blue “Sell” button.


You’ll be redirected to a page where you can configure your listing.


When I click the “Post your listing” button, I’ll see a highlighted window appear on the page and I’ll get a popup from my wallet. If it’s your first time selling something on OpenSea, you’ll get a few popups asking you to complete a few initialization transactions. And the first time you create a listing for an item from a new collection, you’ll have to do a transaction. The transactions will require a few cents worth of gas a piece. But if you’ve done this kind of thing before, you’ll only need to sign a single message, which is instant and free. When you've completed all the necessary steps with my wallet, you can see a page that looks like this:


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