Farm with Uniswap LP

  • Go to and connect your MetaMask.
  • Go to "Farm" page and you will see two modules:

Alpaca Farmer: click "Choose your Alpaca Farmer to boost your yield" to pick the farmer. Remember, the higher energy level Alpacas have, the more yields they can farm.

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Farms: In this module you can see the total deposit and APR in ALPA/ETH Uniswap Liquidity pool.

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  • After you choose your Alpaca farmer, scroll down the current page and click "Get ALPA/ETH LP tokens". It will redirect you to a Uniswap page. Click "Connect to a wallet" in the top right corner and follow the instruction so that you can use your wallet on to buy LP Tokens. (Similar to connecting MetaMask on Alpaca City Website)
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  • Choose the amount of ALPA you want to put into the pool, meanwhile the equivalent value of ETH would be automatically calculated and put into the pool from your wallet as well. Click "Approve ALPA". A pop-up window will appear in your MetaMask. Click "confirm" to pay the gas fee.
  • After several minutes, LP Tokens will appear in your MetaMask wallet and Alpaca City Website. You can deposit your LP tokens and your lovely Alpaca will start to farm for you.