Play with WOOL

In Alpaca City, WOOL is a valueless utitility token. It is related to WOOL feature, which can played in three ways:

Burn Alpacas

Recycle(burn) Alpacas to exchange for WOOL. The amount of WOOL you will get = Total energy of Alpacas recycled.

Go toย http://alpaca.city, click "WOOL".


In this page, you can see how many Alpacas in total have already been burned by the community and by you, and your WOOL balance. Click "Recycle alpacas to get WOOL" and select the Alpacas you want to burn. (You can burn the Alpacas that are farming for you).

Stake ALPA

Staking ALPA to get WOOL. For every 2000 ALPA you stake for one day, you will get roughly 1000 WOOL.

Click "Manage Stake" and you will see a window pop up:


You can then choose to stake in, stake out or claim your WOOL reward freely.

Exchange WOOL for Alpacas

WOOL can be used to purchase high energy Gen0s and limited edition Alpacas. The pricing for high energy Gen0s is as follows:


There are a maximum of 10,000 Gen0 Alpaca NFTs. The more Gen0s get recycled, the more they can be bought with WOOL.ย  You can see more details about the number of Alpacas you can buy and the pricing by clicking "Exchange Alpaca".


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